Here we are at the brim of a new shining year. Like every year, there must be some resolutions and plans both new and those carried forward from last year. However, this year should start with hopes for tomorrow and not the regrets of the past. Hence, like how the warriors used to upskill themselves by just sharpening their weapons to conquer the world, it is time we take a pledge to upskill or re-skill in our area of expertise.

You must be thinking what is the difference between Up-Skill and Re-Skill? Well, though this term is sometimes used interchangeably, it definitely has different meanings. In simple terms, Up-skilling is when we work on self to progress into a senior position in the same field/ department. Example: Mrs. X Senior Marketing person needs to learn Digital Marketing to upscale herself to a higher position in the organisation.

Re-skill is when we have a desire to acquire new skills either to complement the current role or to shift to another role. Example: Ms. A works in sales department desires to become a project manager in another department, in order to achieve this she will have to acquire another degree or certification to qualify for the desired position.

How to evaluate:

The key to this understanding is when one is able to set and reset their goals according to their needs. For example if you are someone who is dissatisfied in the current role or with the monetary returns it offers, its time you need to check how would you up-skill yourself with the current trends in the markets and opting for courses that would add value not just resume-wise but also monetarily.

Listed below are examples of few of the institutes and portals that offer tailor-made courses

Part – time IIM Certificate Courses at almost all the IIM institutes spread in the country
Transitioning into Leadership: A programme for women executives offered by IIM Calcutta.
SPJIMR’s s Post Graduate Management Programme for Women

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Upgrad
  • Sunstone

As the job markets have become very volatile, the companies are driving cost-cutting strategies and carry out assessments to retain their valuable employees. Hence, it becomes essential to prove your worth to sustain and grow in our jobs. Also in cases where people are on a career break due to various reasons like maternity, elderly care etc and the priorities in life have changed, then this is the time to rethink on career choices and reskill to fields that best suits the scenario.

Particularly with regard to those who seek remote work opportunities or flexibility in their careers, few of the courses that would help to reskill are:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • Online Teaching
  • Content writing
  • Graphic Designing, and the list goes on.

The future is bright if you start right. According to the Indian Skills Report 2023, the essential skillsets that will be required by 2030 are:

Digital Literacy: To be able to study, work and navigate our digital world; also an ability to use hardware, software and applications safely and confidently.

Data Literacy: Data being the most important and valuable asset for the majority of companies, employers will want to hire people who can effectively use it.

Critical Thinking: When the world is overflowing with information via Social Media and fake news, critical thinking would be the key to success.

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding, expressing and being able to recognize one’s feelings are all crucial components. Emotional Intelligence is the knowledge of how one’s emotions affect their actions, the behaviour of those around them, and one’s ability to control these emotions.

Creativity: With more and more automated systems coming into place, creativity would be the most valuable skill to have.

Nevertheless, all the details about upskilling and reskilling should be pursued keeping in mind your interest in each of these fields, anything done with a half heart does not lead to the desired end result. Having said that, it is always better to keep sharpening your skills with the fast moving pace, whether you are seeking a promotion or you are someone planning to restart after a career break; just keep the wheel moving and ensure you do not become outmoded.

The Choice you make today will help shape your future and it is never too late.