Motherhood makes a woman complete. Do you agree? I don’t. It is certainly one of the most important milestones in a woman’s life, but life is never complete unless you be yourself, do what you want to do and create a personal identity for yourself.  It’s never too late to start loving yourself and living life your way. The best form of happiness is when it blooms from within and shared with those around you.

Komal Sharma, company secretary and mother of a toddler, had taken a career-break to embrace motherhood. She writes about her come-back and what it takes to sustain one’s career while playing the balancing game. My key takeaway from Komal’s words is to overcome the Super-woman syndrome and learn to prioritise.

“Top Six Tips to hit a Sixer!
Good Show or not, they say that the Show must go on….

Well I take that a bit more seriously, did not think I will be joining back work with a break of more than two years, becoming a mother is still the happiest thing on earth, but one has to understand that they should have life beyond motherhood. Opportunity hit me at the right time and with the support of my husband and relatives, I decided to move forward. Would like to share my experience by presenting to you these six tips that would help you hit a Sixer: 
1. Train the brain: 

As this would be a big change for your little one who is so used to seeing you around, it is required that you train the child for The Day. So start singing and explaining the Child as to how you would be joining work just like their Dad and he/she would be sent to daycare or left with grandparents. Give examples via TV shows or rhymes that show daycares, and keep doing it every now and then so that the kid trains his/her mind for it.

2. Share the load:

Love the Ariel Ad which talks about sharing the load, do that whenever possible, get a house-help if possible, discuss it with your partner or relatives whom you stay with that you will need their support and you cannot handle on your own. Take help, do not feel shy of it and unless you voice-it-out no one would know.
3. Breathe:

Take time for yourself and breathe, weekdays you would struggle to get things done on both the fronts, at office and at home, and on weekends all the pending tasks would take up the remaining time, still find yourself some time to relax and do activities that gives you happiness, even if it means sleeping for an extra hour.
4. Proactiveness:

Being proactive will become part of the routine and this would take time, therefore preparing yourself for the same is required. Pre-plan your next week on the weekends, make meal plans, make the plans for house chores, as you would not want to compromise on the home front. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so following it dedicatedly will make Proactiveness become a part of you

5. Change is for good:

There might be days when you feel that your child is becoming needy, or there are changes in the moods of your child or some behavioral change, understand it and address it. Ensure that there is some activity you do with the kid before sleeping so that the kid feels connected to you and feel that you are involved with him/her. Change would be for good if addressed at the right time and in the right manner.

6.Let go:

There might be some tasks that would not look very important and can be kept on hold, it is ok to postpone them. Perfection is myth and suggestion is to not run behind it, if there is a pile of laundry waiting for your attention, postpone it to the weekends you cannot achieve all within 24 hours, concentrate on matters that require your attention including your child.”

To put it in a nutshell, live, take time to breathe and love yourself too! Make your choices wisely and ensure you make them count.

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